Pool Table Movers In Camano Island

ABC Billiards has been moving pool tables for over 40 years. While the concept of moving may be simple, most do not have the tools needed for proper leveling of the slates, a vehicle to move the table, or the friends willing to help. Moving a pool table takes time and the correct tools for the job. Let us handle the entire process from start to finish, while you sit back and relax.

Our Trained and Professional staff will dismantle and safely transport your table to its new home. Upon arrival one of the technicians will work with you to understand where you would like the table located and to protect to assembly area while the larger items are moved into place.

Once the location is selected, the technicians will carefully move your table into location and place it in the upright position. They will carefully measure and place the table in the locate you request and make any professional recommendation that may be needed to give you more optimal play.

Now is the time you relax. Our Trained Technicians will get to work carefully leveling your slate, and installing your cloth and rails. This will also be the time where your table would be recovered if you have selected to do so.

This is about the time you will probably come and check on your new pool table. Our technicians will be recovering your rails (if you chose to recover the table) as well as installing the felt on your table. The process is almost complete, as you are patiently waiting to rack that first set of balls, our technicians are making sure everything is perfect for you.

Things are wrapping up, and our crew is starting the clean-up process. At this point we will ask you to come and take a look, look over the table, ask any questions, and get ready to play.

The time is here, and you are ready to play. We here at ABC Billiards, want to make sure you are completely satisfied, that is why we guarantee our work. After over 40 years, our crews have seen it all. There is no job that cant be accomplished, and no questions unanswered.


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