Olhausen Pro Series Air Hockey

Olhausen Pro Series Air Hockey

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Sizes:88” x 48” x 31”

A powerful commercial blower motor lets you bring home the arcade experience. However, at  over 300 lbs., you’ll need help getting it up the front steps.

Assembled Size (L x W x H): 88” x 48” x 31”

Assembled Weight: 310 Lbs.

Shipped Size (L x W x H): 90” x 50” x 11”

Shipped Weight: 415 Lbs.

Apron Height: 10”


Game comes with:


▪ (1) 3¼” commercial- grade regular pucks

▪ (1) 3¼” commercial-grade quiet puck

▪ (2) Solid commercial-grade mallets

▪ Warranty

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