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    • Silver Cup Cone Chalk Hand Talc

      Silver Cup Cone Chalk Hand Talc

      Silver Cup Cone Chalk
      Hand talc
      Color white
      Measurements are 5 1/4″ H X 4 1/2 ” wide at bottom
      We also have carry wall mount holders in our store

    • Pocket Chalk Holder

      Pocket Chalk Holder

      It’s easy to keep your chalk within reach with our handy pocket chalk holder. Black vinyl chalk holder is pliable, making it easy to put chalk in and take it out. Chalk not included.

    • Master Chalk – 144 Piece

      Master Chalk – 144 Piece

      Master chalk is the most popular chalk on the market. Made by Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, Master chalk coats pool cue tips smoothly and evenly. Master chalk will not cake or flake like inferior imported chalk. This is a 144 piece (1 gross) box of blue Master chalk.

    • Nylon Pool Table Brush

      Nylon Pool Table Brush

      9″, Oak. Time to clean your pool table and need a good economical pool table brush, then here is the brush for you. This 9 inch wood nylon brush with oak stain is great to get rid off any debris on your table. Easy to handle and does not harm the cloth. Available also in black, mahogany, and maple stain