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    • Viper: Desert Rose

      Viper: Desert Rose

      Barrels: Nickel Silver
      Shafts: Aluminum
      Flights: 2 sets
      Weight: 20gm
      Case: Deluxe Dart Pal

      Includes extra flights, extra tips, extra shafts, and a dart mechanic wrench

    • GLD: Astro™ Tungsten

      GLD: Astro™ Tungsten

      Combine grooves, knurling and diamond cuts and this dart is suitable for every player. But, we didn’t stop there. We took the hottest colors to make these the darts to own. If that isn’t enough, we put all this into one of the slimmest barrels offering the tightest possible groupings. Made in the USA. Flights and shafts may vary.

    • GLD: Eclipse™

      GLD: Eclipse™

      This dart is destined to become a classic. Long and slim, the Eclipse™ dart offers great weight distribution and balance. The painted grooves and fine knurling give this barrel a look of elegance and style. Made in the USA. Flights and shafts may vary.

    • GLD: Jewel Cut ™Tungsten

      GLD: Jewel Cut ™Tungsten

      Impress the pros with the elegant Jewel Cut™ Tungsten. Note the intricate grooves and upscale styling. Made in the USA. Flights and shafts may vary.

    • Piranha Tungsten Razor Grip

      Piranha Tungsten Razor Grip

      One of the most popular selling darts, Piranha 80% come in various weights with several grip styles. The new razor grip consists of hundreds of small cuts to maximize grip of an already excellent dart. The Piranha now comes with a free Dart World Galaxy Case

    • Cyclone 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

      Cyclone 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart

      The Cyclone dart is made of 80% tungsten and weighs the same as a standard set of darts proving that there is no sacrificing weight for size. The compact barrel provides an effortless flight with a natural trajectory making the Cyclone an easy dart to throw.

    • X-Treme Dart Board

      X-Treme Dart Board

      Plays 38 games / 176 options / 16 players

    • Viper: Eclipse Dart Board

      Viper: Eclipse Dart Board

      Plays 25 games / 146 options / 8 players

    • Viper: Solar Blast™

      Viper: Solar Blast™

      Plays 25 games / 146 options/ 8 players