ABC Billiards provides a wide range of services, to maintain and manage your pool table and game room needs. All of our technicians are trained and certified with years of experience. Moving, assembling, and maintaining your own pool table can lead to costly accidents and time. With the professional services of ABC Billiards, one of our teams of technicians can handle the entire process while you relax.

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Moving pool tables

  • 8ft -starting $295
  • 9ft- starting $325

Recovering using Championship Cloth

  • 8ft- starting $295
  • 9ft- starting $325
  • add $150 for Simonis

Dismantle and Crating

  • starting $350

Re-leveling Slates

  • Starting $150

Replace Cushions

  • Starting $300

Move out for flooring

  • Starting $225

Move back for flooring

  • Starting $250